In the year 2000 RICCARDO GIORDANO decided to return to his roots and his native soil in Bossolasco, transforming the family farm into an “agriturismo” , providing accomodation for guests and serving meals. After receiving the I.P.G. certificate for the cultivation of the Nocciola Piemonte he decided to develop and process the entire hazelnut production at his own farm.
Nocciola 800 refers to the fact that the cultivation area is situated at 800 meters, where the climate conditions and the composition of the ground are optimal for the organoleptical quality and preservation of the Nocciola Piemonte, which distinguishes it from all other varieties and makes it the best hazelnut in the world.
Riccardo Giorgano and his family are committed to maintaining the highest quality , personally performing all the activities from pruning to harvesting, from drying to packaging. The resulting products are the fruits of the passionate liaison with this territory: La Tostata (roasted hazelnuts), La Granella (grained hazelnuts), La Farina (milled hazelnuts) and La Pasta di Nocciola (hazelnut paste).